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A Vote of Confidence

Monday, April 2nd, 2012

I am a sucker for happy endings which explains why my reading path curves towards romances and away from the Hunger Games. I’m the reader who turns to the last page of a mystery to make sure it will have a happy ending. Why waste hours on a book that’s not going to end well? I especially enjoy inspirational romance. I grew up reading Grace Livingston Hill and as an adult have enjoyed the growth of Christian romance by the new crop of Christian writers. One of those writers is Idaho native, Robin Lee Hatcher.

I recently discovered one of her newer series, the Sisters of Bethlehem Springs. The first book in the series, A Vote of Confidence, is set in the early twentieth century in a fictitious Idaho town called Bethlehem Springs. Guinevere Arlington has moved to Idaho to build a relationship with her father and the twin she never knew. And while Idaho is quite a change from her wealthy east coast upbringing she discovers an affinity for her new rural life. As she becomes involved with the town’s citizens, she is made aware of the corruption in the current town government and decides to run for mayor. Opposing her for the position is Morgan McKinley, an attractive entrepreneur who is building a health resort. When she and Morgan fall in love, Gwen is forced to decide whether her desire to help her town is worth the chance of losing the man she loves.

Robin Hatcher creates strong Christian characters who face their battles with courage and the conviction that God directs their steps trusting Him to bring good out of every situation. If I have an on-going problem with inspirational romance it is the feeling that sometimes I’m being hit over the head with a 50-pound Bible and Robin portrayed Gwen and Morgan’s spiritual life without preachiness. She followed St. Francis of Assisi’s advice of “Preach the gospel at all times — If necessary, use words.” Robin Lee Hatcher understands that her characters need to demonstrate their faith not preach it.

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