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Too Sharp a Learning Curve

Tuesday, March 1st, 2011

I am in the unenviable, well-known position of being a small publisher trying to do her own marketing.  And the learning curve is about to do me in.  So many of the venues open to large publishers are either simply closed to us or priced out of our budget, so we must rely on creativity and free publicity. This is a lot harder than it even sounds.

Amazon is one such small example.  I’m not even going to go into my frustration over my hard copy books on Amazon.  They have been listed since last July and STILL say “available for shipping within three months.”  All my emails, phone calls, yelling has netted me only a break with the former distributor (who did nothing); and now left me trying to get Amazon to realize that I sent the books and they are already in their warehouse so the “available for shipping within three months” can now be changed to “shipping with 24 hours.”

So, don’t give up hope, keep checking up on Sunday’s Promise and Monday’s New Beginning and hopefully Amazon will ship them to before Christmas.

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