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Are You 2%?

Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010

I won a radio trivia contest last year by answering: What is it that 98% of people say they want to do, but only 2% of them actually do it?
The answer was: write a book.
Are you part of the 98% and wish to be in the 2%?
I think everyone has a book in them; I know everyone has a story to tell, and maybe you should think about writing yours down.
Last year I began writing the story of my parents’ lives. My father died last summer at the age of 92 and my mother is still chugging along at 90. But pretty soon only we kids (who are no longer kids) will be left to pass on the heritage of who they were to us and what they taught us.
So I decided to write their story because I wanted my children to remember them.
Handing down your family’s story is an irreplaceable legacy.

I’m an Author

Thursday, November 18th, 2010


Welcome to my website, I am a writer of three published books and am almost finished with my fourth.
My first book, What Would the Bible Say? is my only non-fiction book. After finishing What Would the Bible Say?, I played around with several other non-fiction ideas, but none of them panned out.
Then about two years ago I decided to take the plunge and try writing a romance novel. The first one took almost a year to finish and is about a woman haunted by a tragedy in her past who moves to Idaho hoping to find a new beginning. It is called Sunday’s Promise.
Since there was a day of the week in the title I got very ambitious and decided it would be the first of a seven-book series named after the days of the week. Now I wish I had named it after a season of the year because a four-book series would certainly have been easier. But that’s what hindsight is for — to explain the mistakes that foresight would have avoided.
In my writers’ group, seasoned authors say that it takes about five books before you get a rhythm and method ironed out that works for you. If they are right, I should be an old pro by the time this series is finished.
You can find my books on Amazon or by contacting me directly.
I hope you will check back. If you are a writer or a wanna-be writer, let me know how you’re doing and what you’ve learned.

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